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We are on the (duck) hunt for talented people to join the team. No experience required just a passion for gaming. Looking to get into video game journalism? Looking to promote your own gaming: Youtube/Twitch/Twitter/Site etc then start your journalistic career with and write for us. If video is more your thing you can also do videos for us, just get in touch. While there is no pay in the traditional sense there is a lot of:


Benefits to writing for us:

  • A link of your choice (Website/Youtube/Twitch/Twitter etc) added to the published article.
  • This link can help grow your: Subscribers, views, clicks, Search engine positions etc.
  • We publish your article with your link in it and share on our: Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and Instagram that have substantial followings.
  • Having a published article online is something you can add to your Resume or portfolio.
  • Gain experience and learn new skills.
  • Something to impress friends and family with.
  • It’s an interesting and challenging hobby to get in to.
  • Publishers send us their games to review – regular contributors may be given these games (often before release) to test.
  • When we do hire paid game journalists, our regular contributors will be the first place we look.


Great but what the duck do I write about?

Anything gaming related, video game journalism is easier if you choose – if it’s a topic your passionate about, it’s easier and more fun to do. A few ideas: Review the game your playing at the moment,  What’s your favorite game ever and why? Your top 10 action/fighting/sports/FPS games and why? What’s wrong with the gaming industry? under-rated or undiscovered gems, gender stereotypes in gaming, how online has revolutionized the industry. Does live streaming subtract or add to the gaming industry. Whatever you feel you can write passionately about.



  • Must be entirely your own work and can’t be posted anywhere else (we check!)
  • 700 word minimum, no maximum (but focus on quality not quantity!)
  • Adding in relevant duck related puns always earns extra brownie points 😉
  • Got a question? Need any help or advise just ask us


How do I send my article?

Great I think i fit the bill! Ducking awesome! Just fill in the form below and send us your article. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.