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The Last Guardian Review – Was It Worth The Wait?

After numerous delays is the Last Guardian really worth the wait?

Back in 2007 Team Ico began developing The Last Guardian with a planned release for 2011. Due to a number of delays this caused some people to assume it will never be released.

Five years down the line and it is finally here.

The style of The Last Guardian is very unique and you know straight away that these are the guys who created ICO (2001) and The Shadow of Colossus (2005). Giving that you have played them, which I recommend you do.

Some may say that the graphics are dated or over exposed in some parts. But to me this is what I wanted it to look like. I think if it were to have different style to it you defiantly wouldn’t get the same vibe.

The story is framed as a flashback narrative told by an older man recounting his experience as a young boy meeting a giant, feathered creature, resembling a griffin, named Trico. So let’s start there.

If you are wondering if Trico is a male or female the theory is its female but others say it is male. So I am still unsure.

Trico straight away comes across as a troubled creature in need of help. We see throughout the game Trico gets stronger and protective of the young boy.

Trico just doesn’t get stronger alone, you must feed it, remove spears and arrows, and pet his bloody areas better. If you stroke Trico long enough he eventually falls asleep.

To me Trico resembles not only a griffin but showing qualities of other animals, such as a dog and cat.

The creature will do its best to help you but not without your support. Some have said that the controlling of the Trico is difficult to grasp. I how ever found this quite simple in most parts. By pressing a certain buttons and the analog stick with R1 you can get Trico to dive underwater, jump over big gaps, fight enemies and help you get to those hard to reach places.

The young boy whose name is never given in the story starts off in a cave next to Trico, covered in markings.

An older man narrates through the game and you straight away know that this is the boy grown up.

Being set in a small cave this gives you the chance to get to grips with the controls and gain Trico’s trust a little.

The boy also finds a mirror plate which you then discover that Trico isn’t just a cute lovable creature but it is magical and can kick ass!

His movements in the game are a lot like the other two male characters from ICO and the Shadow of Colossus.  You are able to interact with Trico all the time, talking to him, gripping any part of its body, and giving him a little stroke now and then to calm him down. Further into the game Trico will occasionally reach down to rub his face against you almost like a cat does if you stand still for a while making the boy laugh. Give it a try!

The bond between the boy and Trico is really moving and will keep you gripped to the story though out.

The Last Guardian is filled with moderately easy puzzles that you must do to progress in the game.

Some found the game challenging, but to me this was a lot easier prior to the last two games and found myself enjoying it a lot more than the others.

So was it worth the wait? Yes. I would say this is the best game of the year and definitely worth a play if you want something gripping, different and somewhat an emotional ride.

What do you think?

Will you be winging your way straight over to check it out? Or is it a bit of a lame duck? Let us know in the comments below. Written by: Holly Nicholson (Twitter: @hnicholson3)| If you enjoyed this get updates. If you didn’t then why the duck don’t you do better! – No really, write for us!

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