Leo’s Fortune Review

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With an Eastern European accent and a body that’s a plump fur ball with a huge moustache it is one game you should not miss.

Leos Fortune is a platform adventure game where you track down the thief that stole your gold, developed by 337 and Senri LLC. Why does he look so miserable? Well wouldn’t you be if someone stole your gold? But when he’s trying to get across a large gap or pass through spikey machines he looks rather amusing.

I found this game when looking through on Play Station 4 downloadable games. But you can also purchase this on Android, iOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone and Mac OS.
This is only a one player game and there is no online section to this.


Every level is beautifully designed from the grass Leo happily slides on to a strange big eyed… Click To Tweet

I am going to get out of the way what I think is the weakness in the game, the story.
Leo goes through each family member in the story taking you to the next map in the game, in search of his gold. Although his little grunts and one liners in the game are amusing, I don’t enjoy listening to him ramble on about family members. I personally just don’t find the story interesting. I have to confess I did find myself skipping some of the story.


Every level is beautifully designed from the grass Leo happily slides on to a strange big eyed machine following your every move in the background. Like a lot of games now the background images are stunning to look at and this game is no exception. There isn’t really any hard puzzles, but a lot of sections were you have to get your timings right. So be patient.
As I started this game without knowing what was going to be ahead of me. I thought there would be the usual evil creature I may have to bounce on to kill and a big boss at the end. But there is none of that. This may put some of you off if you enjoy fighting a big mental evil creature at the end of a game.
For a podgy fluff ball you may think, well he won’t be able to do much apart from jump and roll.
Quite the opposite this lovable character glides instead of rolling helping you master the tricky roller coaster like obstacles. He is also able to jump, glide through the air and go under water or just bob on the top like a duck.

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I am a big fan of soundtracks and the music for Leos Fortune works very well giving different genres of music to go along with each level. But it is not a soundtrack that I’d want to listen to without playing the game.

So for those gamers out there who want a quick game with a green fluff ball while waiting for a new release or just a nice chill out game then this is for you. Suitable for all ages.
I would say either play this on PC, PS4 or Xbox to get the best quality.

Rating 4/5 | Ducking Good

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Now get the duck out of here.

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