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Donald Trump Made This Shocking Statement About Video games

By now (unless you have been living under a very large rock) I’m pretty ducking sure you will have heard that Donald Trump, will be the next president of the United States. He will be inaugurated as president on, the 20th January 2017. But what will it mean for the gaming industry?

Trump is no stranger to controversy and rash comments over a wide range of topics, and gaming is no different. He often takes to twitter to voice his opinions and back in December 2012 he tweeted this about video game violence:

Donald trump video game violence donald trumps real estate tycoon

“Video game violence & glorification must be stopped—it is creating monsters!”

The debate around violence in the video game industry has been raging for a very long time now. But President-elect Trump’s views are on very shaky scientific ground. Although Trump will become president next year, don’t expect him to make any big changes to the industry. He will have bigger issues to deal with.

Plus he might have forgotten, but we haven’t – he was happy to make a deal with Activision back in 2002 to licence his name for a game: ‘Trump’s real estate tycoon’ the player’s goal was to beat Donald Trump by becoming the most influential business magnate.

Donald trump video game violence donald trumps real estate tycoon

Are you a Monster?

Are you offended by Mr Trump’s views? Or do you think he has a point? Let us know in the comments below | If you enjoyed this get updates. If you didn’t then why the duck don’t you do better! – No really, write for us!

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  • Fragboy6

    He Has No Right To Talk anout video games as he is in one, he may be president, but not all our president! Violent games are our choice, whether he likes it or not, WE LOVE VIOLENT GAMES AND WE SHALL STAND FOR ALL VIOLENT GAMES, Donald trump will not Take over game companys and we will make sure he doesnt! WHO’S WITH ME???

    • Mark Greenhaw

      Sorry, whether you like him or not, if you live in the USA or are an American, he IS your President. I was not an Obama fan but he was still my President. Calm down. He won’t be taking over the game companies.

    • Levente Tolnai

      IM WITH YOU Fragboy

  • Mark Greenhaw

    This was a tweet from 2012 and DJT has since changed his position.