10 scariest horror games

10 Scariest Horror Games

Scariest Horror Games are perfect for this time of year. I love nothing more than to turn off the lights, lock the doors and grab the scariest games I own, diving headfirst into them. There are some truly scary games out there and I’m choosing 10 for this list that you all should try. Even if they do scare the Ducking hell out of you.

Countdown of the 10 Scariest Horror Games:

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10. F.E.A.R.

The first game where we met the strange little girl Alma. It was an intense first person shooter with supernatural elements that captivated me from the beginning. There was something not quite right about this Alma, she made it known throughout the game that she was in charge not you. The spooky atmosphere of the research facility coupled with the mind tricks Alma would play on you, made this a great game.

9. Dead Space

Being stranded in space with no more than tools to protect yourself is frightening. Then add in grotesque beings trying to tear you apart, with no help coming is even worse. The original Dead Space was amazing in the storytelling and setting. You were just never sure what was around the next corner. The character you play isn’t a super soldier but a normal guy stuck in a bad place. Great game from start to finish.

8. Alan Wake

More of a psychological horror game, this was definitely in the vein of a Stephen King novel. While trying to write your next great book you find yourself living out what your writing, is it a dream? Are you going crazy? The ability to find the next written page of your book scattered over the gaming world was both fun, and disturbing at the same time. Throughout the game your never really sure what’s fact from fiction, true or false and real or fake. Amazing story and deserves a true sequel.

7. Resident Evil 2

This was one of the first horror titles I played and got me hooked on the genre. Bigger better and badder than the original. It’s rare for the sequel to surpass the first entry but this game did it in every way. The story of 2 characters whose stories intertwine was genius, one a rookie cop on his first assignment and the other a sister looking for her brother after the events of the first game. A true zombie thriller that shouldn’t be missed. The controls could be a little wonky for the time and the puzzles tiresome but the overall experience was awesome. Making it to number 7 on our Scariest horror games.

6. Condemned: Criminal Origins

A game that is really underrated and one of the first great horror titles released for the Xbox 360, you play a detective on the hunt for serial killers who don’t play by the rules. This game almost plays like a TV crime drama with having to survey the crime scene and look for clues. It gives it almost a sense of reality you don’t find in other games. With the ability to use whatever you find as a weapon was cool for the time, pipes, wrenches or 2×4’s you had to protect yourself however you could. A great title that shouldn’t be missed.

5. Heavy Rain

Comes in at number 5 of the Scariest horror games. Another game that can bend the mind. This was a special game to me as it portrayed the story from several different characters points of view. A normal family has a son go missing in the same city as a serial killer is on the loose. This game was like a developing movie right in front of you, with the ability to shape the story depending on your actions it was a marvel to replay and get different endings. This was a game that was hard to put down and you cared about the characters and wanted to know the outcome. We need more games like this. With more mature themes and crazy decisions to make, this game would keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. The Last of Us


Not a typical horror title but scary nonetheless. This was a heart wrenching story of survival, friendship and the ability to keep going. Another visual and storytelling masterpiece it centers on an unlikely duo trekking across the country after an apocalyptic outbreak that ravages humanity. The thought of the world ending this way is very real and that in itself makes this a horror title that has a bit of truth to it. What would we do? Where are our leaders? Could we go on? These questions play out right in front of us and do so brilliantly, a game that should be in everyone’s collection. How mentally tough is the human spirit and could we do whatever it took to survive? This game forces us to do just that.

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3. Silent Hill 2

One of my personal favorites of all time. This is a chilling story that leaves you breathless. The story of a tragic accident of losing a wife only to receive a letter from her years later. The storytelling is top notch and the disturbing town of Silent Hill is really creepy. This is another example of the sequel trumping the original in every way. A normal character on a mission to find his lost love is touching and scary at the same time after seeing what’s waiting for him when he arrives. A classic horror title that everyone should experience. How strong is the bond we share with someone? Would you do anything to protect those you love?

2. Outlast

I first heard of this game shortly after getting a PS4. A standout horror title that would truly scare you. It had my attention! A tale so frightening it almost made number 1 on this list. A dark rainy night, a mental hospital. Armed with nothing more than a camcorder. Yeah this won’t go so well. This game was chilling from start to finish for me and I loved every minute of it. Exploring the hospital with mental patients still in it was scary enough until you realize you can’t fight back, some patients chase you and some try to kill you, cornering you in rooms and hallways where your best bet is to run and run some more until you can hide in a closet or under a bed and hope they go away.

Your camcorder serves as a way to record the awful things going on and as a night vision device to see better. What’s really going on in the hospital? Where are the staff and security? A true can’t miss game. We are all in a flap waiting for Outlast 2

1. P.T. Playable Teaser

P.T. tops our list of the 10 Scariest horror games, and for good reason. It was a demo released shortly after a trailer for a new Silent Hill, it was teased by Konami, with the help from the legendary Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. It has since been pulled from downloading and if your one of the lucky few like me to still have it on your hard drive, this short terrifying adventure tops the list. With an old house no weapons and not knowing what’s really going on it sets the stage for a heart pounding affair.

Few clues are given as to what your even supposed to do, most doors are locked and all there really is to do is travel down a few hallways. Shadowy figures, screams and questions linger. A new take on the horror games genre, but simple and effective storytelling. A real shame we will never see the finished product. The demo will live on as a side note to what might have been.

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So there you have it, the top 10 Scariest horror games you can’t miss. Everyone should try them if you dare! With such a long list of contenders, it was difficult to narrow them down. So here are a few other noteworthy, honorable mentions: The Evil Within, Amnesia: The Dark Decent, Slender: The Arrival, Rule of Rose & Kholat.

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