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10 Games To Ask Santa For This Christmas

As the cold starts to settle in and you think about flying away for the winter, the rush of great gaming titles starts to flock all around us. Week after week leading up to Christmas, dozens of triple A games tempt us, but which games to ask Santa for? Which should you get for the gamer in your life? Here is my top ten list of great holiday rush titles.

10 Games to ask Santa for:

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10. Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake is back again in another globetrotting treasure hunt, with familiar faces by his side and a few new ones as well. Naughty Dog has again created another masterpiece that everyone with a PS4 must play. Incredible set pieces and big budget Hollywood action sequences once again raise the bar for the action adventure genre. Coupled with amazing multiplayer, making this an instant classic and one of the best of it’s generation.

9. Forza Horizon 3

The Forza series of racing games has surpassed every other racing title as of late. With the foray into more diverse racing series’, the Horizon titles have cemented their claim as the king of racers. The newest addition takes you to the outback of Australia with lush forests, scenic ocean views and harsh desert landscapes. With the breath-taking realism of today’s top exotic cars and yesterday’s classics, the roster of cars again impresses. Plus throw in the ability to customize your super rides however you want, makes for a car lover’s dream.

8. Battlefield 1

With the constant push towards the future in today’s shooters, it’s a sigh of relief to jump into the time period of World War 1. The multiplayer is again fantastic with large sprawling maps and the bombed out atmosphere makes it feel alive. The weapons and vehicles are definitely from the time period. They almost give you a history lesson in what really happened during this crucial time. I applaud the developers for taking a chance a turning back the clock to a setting that hasn’t been overdone and they aced it, earning a well deserved place in our games to ask Santa for.

7. Gears of War 4

After Halo, Xbox’s most popular franchise is Gears of War, It burst onto the scene in the early days of the 360 and exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. Big guns, big heroes and all fun, the Gears franchise has become one of those titles that’s a must buy every time a new one is released. With the franchise changing developer’s hands, a lot is riding on this 4th instalment. The characters have changed and the enemies are new but it’s still at it’s core a Gears game. The multiplayer is as hectic as ever and that same feel from the first entry remains. A brutal and fun game, every Xbox One owner will want to play this holiday season.

6. Titanfall 2

With the huge fallout from the creators of Call of Duty and Activision came Titanfall. A year later and we have Titanfall 2. With this entry we have more titans, a frenzied multiplayer with great maps and now a single player campaign that the first game lacked. This feels like a Call of Duty game with its amazing visuals and excellent multiplayer. The ability of piloting a huge mechanized Titan is really fun and with the upgrade system and customization you can make it your own. I loved the first game and this one excels at everything that made it great and then some.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

One of the biggest gaming worlds ever created has been remastered for current hardware. Skyrim was a massive hit a few years ago in the ongoing Elder Scrolls series and to no surprise. With huge sprawling environments and the ability to play the game however you want has made the legendary series one of the best. Now remastered and looking completely stunning it’s time to go back and play it again. With all the previous games DLC added and the refined visuals making this a top choice for gamers this holiday.

4. Mafia 3

The Mafia series had always been looked at as the poor man Grand Theft Auto, when in reality it’s as good as any GTA game out there. Finally making its debut on current gen consoles, Mafia 3 is bigger and better than ever. With a huge open world to explore and a Oscar worthy story to tell this game deserves more attention. Seeing the dank underbelly of the mafia crime world is startling and to think it still thrives in real life today is scary. An excellent and under-rated game making it to number 4 on the games to ask Santa for.

3. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The series has waned over the years and has been shuffled between three studios to constantly push out new iterations year after year. As many fans have moved on to other shooters, (maybe some of those in this list) the game is still met with huge sales numbers and millions of players online every day. The newest entry takes things into the future and even to outer space. while that may put off some players, others will show up from day 1 and be playing online in no time. The most interesting aspect to this release is the inclusion of what’s heralded as the best Call of Duty title ever made. The remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

This for most players makes this purchase a must have. The redone story campaign with classic characters like Captain Price and Soap are exciting and replaying the old maps when Call of Duty was THE game to play is a pretty smart move on Activision’s part. What might make a few players spit feathers is bundling it with Infinite Warfare so a larger bill is inevitable. Most players aren’t excited about another title set in the future with crazy out of this world weapons and abilities for the soldiers we’ve only seen in Science fiction movies. But inevitably the game will sell in astronomical numbers.

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary

While the Xbox one version of this game was released over a year ago, PS4 owners finally get to see what the fuss is about. Rise of the Tomb Raider is the second entry in the newly rebooted Tomb Raider franchise. It’s fitting that PlayStation get the special 20th Anniversary Edition since this put PlayStation on the map in the mid 90’s. This wonderful Indiana Jones style adventure can rival any of the Uncharted series of games. Lara Croft is an icon in the gaming world to see the series move forward by showing how her adventure began is awesome. This newest game comes with all DLC and multiple outfits from various titles throughout the years plus a wonderful art book detailing her latest adventure. A really fun game with blockbuster action.

1. Dead Rising 4

Releasing right before Christmas is one I’m looking forward to. The original Dead Rising was a marvel to look at and play on the 360. The amount of zombies flocking on screen at once was amazing. With next gen hardware and returning fan favourite Frank West back, this will be huge this holiday season. The zombie movement has been well saturated the past few years and some have worked while others haven’t. But make no mistake Dead Rising was one of the first and best zombie games out there. This one will return to: Willamette Colorado and the confines of a shopping mall. The amount of crazy weapons and costumes will be staggering. This will be a fun and whacky adventure.

So there you go folks, a small rundown of this holiday seasons biggest games to ask Santa for. But as always a few didn’t make the list. Honorable mentions: Watch Dogs 2, Dishonered 2, Gran Turismo Sport, Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian.

What do you think?

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